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Custom Cards
Card Designer

Card Features & Pricing

We currently offer 5 different card configurations with quantity discount pricing.
The card designer will automatically classify the type based on the options you choose.

Card FeaturesA10A20B10C10C20
Front Color
Back Blank
Front Color
Back Black
Front Color
Back Color
Front Color, Back Black
w/Mag Stripe
Front Color, Back Color
w/Mag Stripe
Full color printing - front side
Full color printing - back side
High contrast black printing - back side
Fargo High Definition Printing Technology
Deters counterfeiting with tamper-evident film
Custom pictures, logos, & text
Lanyard slot
Durable 30mil PVC composite card (CR80)
Barcodes (select from 5 standard symbologies)
Unlimited pre-order modifications
Quick production and delivery
HiCo magnetic stripe
Custom magnetic stripe encoding (any 3 tracks)

Per Card Pricing*A10A20B10C10C20

* Quantity discounts apply to cards of the same type. Prices subject to change without notice.

About the black-only side
Card types A20 and C10 have printing on the back that uses a black resin ribbon panel which results in high-contrast text and barcodes with superior UV fade resistance. A barcode can also be produced on a full-color side (resulting in a composite black using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow ribbon panels) but it can only be read by non infrared (visible light) scanners.




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